At Coslab, we will create your own customised brand and provide a wide range of related services.

 Our clients include market tycoons along with start-up companies, private individuals, beauty salons, as well as hotels and spas.


We offer a wide range of cosmetics as well as medical products, dietary supplements, cosmetics for animals and home. At Coslab, we create innovative formulas - both economical and luxury. We are also able to develop, test and manufacture almost every product for customer needs.


CosLab maintains its own Dermatology Clinic, where along with dermatologists and surgeons we employ a full range of high-class specialists: a paediatrician, an endocrinologist, a gynaecologist, an ophthalmologist, an allergist, a dietician and a specialist in herbal medicine. We also boast a separate research and implementation laboratory.


Manufacturing and storage facilities allow for simultaneous service of various orders. We manufacture all kinds and quantities of cosmetics. We are happy to undertake the implementation of start-ups, and support our clients at every step to meet their needs.




In our laboratory, customers’ ideas are transformed into ready-made products that can be sent directly from our warehouse to stores anywhere in the world.


Our Customers’ success is our success and Coslab will make every effort to achieve it!